Think before washing!
  1. Avoid washing too often, as it harms the environment and your clothing. Some times it enough to just air your clothing out.
  2. When mashine washing, turn your item inside out, close zippers and buttons.
  3. Use colour detergent. Don't use full detergent - it contains bleach, which makes the colours fade pretty quickly.
  4. Choose washing powder instead of liquid detergent, it's more environmentally friendly as it uses less additives. (You can also make your own detergent, there are many tips out there on insta).
  5. Choose the wash program as indicated on the carelabel - Less spinning is better, as the mechanical process effects fading.
  6. Don't use softener, it's bad for the environment AND your skin, as its stays on the garment!
  7. Dry your clothing on a drying rack - Don't use a tumble dryer, it wears down the fabric much faster making it more likely to tear! Plus it's better for the environment!
  8. During drying - Mind direct sunlight, as it has a natural bleaching effect on fabric.
  9. Happy washing and caring for your SAM LANG companion.